My Portfolio

Welcome to my personal portfolio,

Hello, my name is Vani Laila Fitriani, I am a freelance translator, editor, and writer. I am specialized in English-Indonesian vice versa translation and English or Indonesian writing and editing. I have experience in translating, writing, and editing many kind of works from various field since 2010. I am an English Literature Bachelor from Islamic State University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, in East Java, Indonesia. In my free time, I usually do blogging, writing novel, poem, browsing, reading and watching movies. I am now working as a full time teacher in a private Islamic kindergarten in my city and a freelance content writer at KONTENESIA.

For business inquiries please contact me at:

You can visit my profile at:


My Works:

  • Translation
  1. Abstract Indonesian English
  2. Abstract Indonesian English
  3. Abstract Indonesian English
  4. Abstract Indonesian English
  5. Abstract Indonesian English
  6. Abstract Indonesian (Result)
  7. Abstract Indonesian (Result)
  8. Abstract Indonesian (Result)
  9. Abstract Indonesian (Result)
  10. Abstract Indonesian (Result)
  11. Article Translation 1
  12. Article Translation 2
  13. Article Translation 3

Note : Some translation works can’t be displayed due to client and translator agreement.

  • Writing and Editing
  1. How to Potty Train Your Kids in 3 Days
  2. Syarat dan Cara Mendapatkan KPR dari Bank BTN
  3. Women’s Image: The Destruction of Women’s Identity

Note : Some works can’t be displayed due to client and writer agreement.



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